Lake St. Catherine offers both warm water and cold water fishing. You'll find big and small mouth bass as well as the usal pan fish (including some large crappies) and yellow perch that hit like rockets. If you enjoy fighting 13 pound pike you'll do it here. There are no walleyes or chain pickeral but you'll find just about all else. In fact, our lake hosts several major fishing tournaments here every year.

Fishing at Lake St CatherineSince the main lake is almost 70 feet deep, you'll find lake trout, rainbows, brown trout and an occasional brookie. The State claims there are landlocked salmon here also, but as far as we know, no one has seen one.

The state regularly stocks predator fish such as trout to control a herring-like fish--the alewife--that was introduced to the lake, probably by a fisherman dumping a bait bucket. The alewife is a great bait fish. However, it eats zooplankton which eat algae. We sincerely hope that the trout are hungry and eat all the alewives in sight.

We've provided maps and a depth chart for you to help plan your fishing trip.

There are no boat rentals on the lake, but there is at least one in nearby Poultney (Duda's Water Sports). Local stores in Wells and on Rte 30 near Cone's Point offer bait.