Purpose: To consult with president on Association policies

Golf outing

Purpose: To provide an annual day dedicated to Golf to which all are invited. The format is to set up foursomes in a captain and crew mixed best ball scramble. Golfer and spouses are also invited to cap off the day at a dinner at the Lake St Catherine Country Club.

Government Relations

Purpose: To Reach out to local, state and federal governments to seek aid and expertise in matters affecting Lake St. Catherine, its residents and its users


Purpose: To seek out and write grants that may be available from public and private organizations, Local, State and federal governments.


Purpose: To maintain membership records, develop membership campaigns and solicit dues and contributions.

Lake Beautification

Purpose: To plant and maintain Welcome Gardens at road entrances to Lake St. Catherine

Lake Safety

Purpose: To place and maintain traffic control buoys and danger warning buoys and suggest safety standards and report boating violations to appropriate authorities.

Milfoil Management

Purpose: To plan and manage milfoil control programs for Lake St. Catherine, including dealing with local, state and federal officials in the planning of control campaigns; to coordinate and work with vendors performing herbicide applications; to work with and coordinate diver and suction harvesting programs; to develop new strategies for control of milfoil.


Purpose: To provide regional publicity for events sponsored by the Lake St. Catherine Association; to provide a biannual newsletters informing members and residents of the activities of the Lake St. Catherine Association; to develop and maintain the Association's Web Site. The committee also publicizes applications of herbicides as required by the State of Vermont.


Purpose: To encourage candidates to run as Association trustees; to interview potential candidates seeking Association recommendations in Association trustee elections.

Water Quality

Purpose: To test Lake St. Catherine for clarity and pollutants, including e. coli.  The Committee on Strategic Plannning is a sub committee also chaired by Mary Jo Teetor.