Volunteers Needed - Vermont Statewide Loon Count, July 21st

Hello LSC.

We've been informed by Eric Hanson of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies that the Vermont Loon Conservation Project is looking for volunteers to perform a count of loons on Lake St. Catherine.

This project, as part of a statewide count, will take place on the morning of July 21st, 2018 on Lake St. Catherine.

If you'd like to be a part of this project and volunteer the morning of July 21st on LSC, please call or email Mary Jo Teetor, 802-287-5836 / [email protected].

Thank you!

About the Vermont Loon Conservation Project from their website:

"From a mere seven pairs three decades ago, Common Loons now number more than 90 breeding pairs in the state. This conservation triumph came only with a collaboration among people and organizations across Vermont. Our chief partner in loon recovery and conservation is the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Together, and with help from a corps of dedicated volunteers, we're securing a future for Common Loons in the state. Our strategy features: Monitoring, Management and Public Outreach."

Photo credit: Karen Velsor‎, originally posted in Lake St. Catherine - Vermont Facebook group.


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