Sharing The Edge: A Guide For Lakeshore Property Owners In Vermont

Hello LSC.

Today, we are sharing a new guide for lakeshore property owners, published by the Vermont Department Of Environmental Conservation, Watershed Management Division, Lakes and Ponds Program.

About the guide, from the Vermont DEC:

"Are you considering lakefront property in Vermont?  Maybe you live out of state and are drawn to Vermont’s clear waters and the poignant call of loons from across a pond.  Or perhaps you’re a lifelong Vermonter who is just now contemplating a quiet retreat on the lake.  The newly released Sharing the Edge: A Guide to Lakeshore Property Owners in Vermont offers guidance on everything from permitting to how to volunteer with the DEC Lakes and Ponds Program.

This property owner’s guide introduces a new or potential landowner to what a healthy lakeshore looks like and describes how Vermont manages its public waters as a natural resource.  Sharing the Edge provides a brief overview of development regulations, including the Shoreland Protection Act and Lake Encroachment.  Readers will learn where to locate the Inland Lakes Score Card, which opens to provide easy-to-read water quality data on Google Earth.  Sharing the Edge introduces the Lake Wise program, which supports and awards properties that embody lake-friendly development.  The guide also answers several frequently asked questions including “Can I have a dock?” and “How long does it take to get a permit?”."

It looks to be a great resource for lakeshore property owners. Take a look!

You can download a copy by clicking here: Sharing the Edge: A Guide to Lakeshore Property Owners in Vermont, or by clicking on the image below.

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