Milfoil Control Program: August 1st 2020 Progress Report

Hello LSC.

We'd like to give you an update from our DASH team on their progress as they hand pull milfoil in our control areas.

The DASH team continues to report the lack of milfoil seen in our control areas. To illustrate this observation, the DASH crew has harvested 53 buckets (buckets are 17.5 gallons) of milfoil from the completed areas (B, C, D, F, G, H, I). Last year, 1293 buckets were harvested. This is excellent news, and an amazing statistic.

The LSCA DASH team at work

Currently, the DASH team is working in the Channel, north of the bridge. After completing the Channel, they will move on to complete the remaining areas: K & L, and J (Halls Bay).

Before beginning their work in the Channel, they conducted a survey to look for milfoil and they also scanned the lake bed for zebra mussels. No zebra mussels were found. Here is a quick video they recorded so you can see what they see as they work:

The divers also help us during the season to move, place and repair safety buoys around the lake. 

A big THANK YOU to our DASH team for their continued good work for LSC!

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