Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees - 08/25/2018

On Saturday, August 25th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their fourth and final meeting of the 2018 season.

The Trustees gave their reports on many topics - Click here to see the full meeting agenda. Meeting minutes compiled by Elaine Bagley, James Canders and Jerremy Jones.

August 25th 2018 Meeting of the Lake St. Catherine Board of Trustees
Lake St. Catherine Country Club, 8:30 AM

Meeting called to order by President Jim Canders at 8:30.

Present: Jim Canders, Mary Jo Teetor, Frank Callahan, Ken Abt, Phil Pope, Jerremy Jones, John Belnavis, Elaine Bagley, Bob Williams, Ed Laird, Martha Pofit

Absent: Jeff Crandall, Rob Goldman, Rob Nesbit and Kemi McShane.

* Beck Sinclair – Reviewed and explained what he’ll need to address next years DASH program along with a review of the current year. 766 20 gallon buckets of milfoil removed. Ken Abt said that we had to work closely together with SOLitude Lake Management with regard to the Spring milfoil review. Beck said that they can show great results and take most advantage of their time addressing larger patches of milfoil. He will available by May 8 or 10 next season to conduct review. Need to purchase a new silt screen for next season - $300, after that, a new hose.

I. July meeting minutes approved.

II. Treasurer’s report - reviewed budget and expenditures.
• Expect invoice from SOLitude for fall plant survey in order to finalize 5 year permit.
• Make report on how many people pay more than $100.00, how much more?
• Get addresses from Wells and Poultney of addresses that we may be missing
• DEC Watershed Grant could be applied for this fall – Boat Launch Monitoring?

III. Annual Meeting 2019 - Board Members will assist in breaking down and setting up tables for dinner. Otherwise, we will use the same game plan in 2019. 75+ attendees.

IV. Milfoil - Can’t survey sooner than plants begin growing. If we do not use herbicide, we do not need a permit for Suction Harvesting. However, the 5 Year Plan may not be offered in the future and we may have to file for a one year plan each year. If a person wanted to have a company clean up around their dock, no permit is needed?

V. Boat Launch - 614 boats processed during July 2018. This was a weather related slump. Since the fireworks draw such a big crowd - many boats - it may be wise to have the greeters work late on that day. Up to an hour to get your boat out of lake after fireworks this year.

* Discussion of Town Hall Meeting - Feeling is that State treats us as two bodies of water because of treatment of State personnel by CF, going over their head to the Governor. Jerremy proposed “Town Hall Meeting” format. In the meeting questions could be presented and accurate answers given. Some Board members are reluctant to have a meeting of this nature with the CF involved due to the toxic attitude.

* Discussion of Phil Hicks’ paper: “Saving the Waters of Lake St Catherine” has been finished in a first draft form and sent to the Trustees for their review. Reference information is being added to the paper. Everyone to proof read again to see if any incorrect thoughts are included. Turn any discrepancies in to Martha within 30 days.

VI. Water Testing - Cyanobacteria was handled very quickly and the State Health Department has issued an all clear. Mary Jo also said that the water clarity is very good, the Secchi disc reading recently taken was 6.4 meters.

VII. Publicity - Jerremy presented the Fall Newsletter - copies were taken for distribution to Wells Country Store, Otto’s and other possible locations.

VIII. Lake Safety - Frank Callahan. Said that Peter Bagley assisted with the wrapping of several buoys. Volunteers to include John Belnavis will assist in removing buoys and markers from lake shortly after Labor Day and through to October. The warmer season has been lasting longer, so some buoys are left longer.

* Zebra Mussels discussion - are in Lake Bomoseen and just discovered in Lake Memphremagog.

IX. Bob Williams - We are short one trustee. Thought is to find someone on the LL as Frank Callahan is the only trustee on the LL. Rand’s position has not yet been filled.

X. Government - [Clarification: Phil Pope, Mary Jo Teetor and Martha Pofit are representatives to FOVLAP. Phil’s name was inadvertently left off when the Agenda was being typed. Our apologies.] The next FOVLAP meeting is in September. Currently, Mary Jo is the Recording Secretary for FOVLAP.

XI. Old Business

Boat Parade - Need new Chairperson for 2019. Lila and Rand did a great job developing and carrying on the event, but someone has to step in to her footsteps. Lila will advise the new person. Jerremy currently has her notes and information fro past parades.

Poultney Day - Rob and Jennifer set up our booth at this event and various people participated, staffing the booth through the day. No specific report was presented, but comments about the event were favorable.

Plaque for Martin Greenberg is ready. Pete Tatko, the owner of Tatko Bros Slate Company in Middle Granville (518- 642-1640) has donated the plaque. All we have to do is pick it up. I thanked Pete for his generosity. He said that he was glad to do it because he has always been a fan of the LSCA. Possibly we can give him a free advertisement in the spring Newsletter?

Ed Laird made comment that our insurance was in good order and that he does not see any issues as we head into the fall.

John Belnavis brought up the request from the Granville Rescue Squad. It was decided to leave it tabled as we can’t afford the items/equipment that they need.

Along these lines it was suggested that we have a conversation with the Wells Select Board on the working of the 911 in our area. It takes 20 minutes for the Granville rescue to get here, by this time in a drowning, it is more of a recovery operation.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 25, 2019 at 8:30 AM, to be held at the LSCCC.

President Jim Canders called for the meeting adjournment at 11:00 AM. Motion for adjournment was made and seconded. Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

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