Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees - 07/25/2020

On Saturday, July 25th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their third meeting of the 2020 season.

The Trustees gave their reports on many topics - Click here to see the full meeting agenda. Meeting minutes compiled by Kemi McShane Bostock.

July 25th 2020 Meeting of the Lake St. Catherine Board of Trustees
Google Meet - Online Meeting, 8:30 AM

Meeting Called to Order by President, Jim Canders at 8:32 AM. 

Attendance: Jim Canders, Elaine Bagley, Jeff Crandall, Bob Williams, Jerremy Jones, Ken Abt, Ed Laird, Kemi McShane, Mary Jo Teetor, Martha Hicks Pofit, John Belnavis, Nancy Liberatore

Absent: Frank Callahan

Jerremy Jones commented on his recent discussion with the LSCCF representative, Rick Newell, regarding the progress on the talks for the joint meeting Tuesday 8/25/20.  This will be a virtual meeting. Gary Kupferer will moderate the joint meeting. An announcement went out. Four representatives from the DEC will attend. RLS limnologist Jennifer Jones will present her position on aeration. The panels will present their findings, there will be a question and answer period. 

Mary Jo discussed the meeting with Oliver regarding the Clean Water Act. Grant for roads, stormwater projects. Grant tied into the watershed for the Lake. Rutland Regional Planning Commission involved. 50 projects identified by the PMNRCD as potential storm water projects around LSC. Grant received for $27,696 for the Greeters program & milfoil control.

  1. Recording Secretary’s report - Kemi McShane Bostock - June 27, 2020. Minutes posted on screen. Motion to accept the minutes as submitted - second, Elaine. All approved the minutes. 
  2. Treasurer’s Report- Elaine Bagley - 332 members, 114 paid over the $100.00 amount. Martha explained the Pollution Grant - outreach Like Wise. Money came in and paid Martha, donating back to LSCA, net positive. $60,000.00 in membership dues. 5,000.00 short of projections this year and hope that the General membership meeting will stimulate increase in membership. Motion made to accept the Treasurer's report - second - all in favor - Treasurer's report approved as submitted. 

Ken asked the question “how many members are residents of the Little Lake?” 20 LL members not including the Channel.

  1. DASH Program & Herbicide Treatment: 6-24-20 - Jeff Crandall: Big Lake in great condition - DASH - 10 sites. Large patches of milfoil from the Little Lake drifting into the Channel where we treated. Estimated cost to treat the LL with ProcellaCOR in year 1, $32,000. Allowable treatment area, 40%. Have a 3-year plan. Need the backing of and the financial support from the LL property owners. The Greeter program has a record of the milfoil on the boat props leaving the lake at the boat launch.
  2. Greeter’s Program: John Belnavis- Fish and Game Boat Launch - Seeing increase in milfoil coming out of the Lake - not so much coming into the Lake. 1,300 boats inspected this season. 2020 State Park greeter’s program opened this year. LSCA has a great relationship with the State Park. Projected to inspect 300 boats this year. 7 more weekends left. State Park opened late this year due to the COVID virus. Boat launch: 1800 boats last year, projecting 2200 boats this year - 22% increase this year. Sat/Sun 4th of July 180 boats compared to last year was 132 boats. 6 more fishing derbies.
  3. Publicity- Newsletter/Membership- Jerremy Jones- Preparation for the General Membership Meeting as it is set up as a virtual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned to prepare for the annual meeting recording.

Minutes respectfully submitted by the recording Secretary,

Kemi McShane Bostock

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