Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees - 06/23/2018

On Saturday, June 23rd, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their second meeting of the 2018 season.

The Trustees gave their reports on many topics - Click here to see the full meeting agenda. Meeting minutes compiled by Kemi Mcshane.

June 23rd 2018 Meeting of the Lake St. Catherine Board of Trustees
Lake St. Catherine Country Club, 8:30 AM

Meeting called to order by President Jim Canders at 8:30. Ten trustees were in attendance, six were absent.

  1. Recording Secretary’s Report – Kemi McShane - Minutes for Saturday, May 26, 2018 were approved, a motion was made and second to accept the minutes from May 26, 2018.
  2. Treasure’s Report – Elaine Bagley – President Jim Canders tabled the report for acceptance as discussion followed for the accuracy of line items in the report. Discrepancies’ were found for the following line items: open balance, disbursements of money to Solitude and the Suction Harvesting. Incomes from the State of VT, the municipalities of Poultney and Wells and the continual adjustment of receipt of membership dues. The need for a budget and an independent audit was requested. The accounting for the grant money received from the State of VT and that from the two municipalities needs to have clarification and recorded for verification of having received that money. The Board is intent on finding the proper balance between the use of an herbicide and that of suction harvesting. The 2 practices are in place presently to combat the spread of milfoil. Further discussion is required as new research is presented and studied, State regulations are followed and the continual monitoring of the milfoil is performed. It is agreed the management of the milfoil problem is going to be ongoing. The milfoil management is imperative work that has to continue as the challenges to maintain the water quality is ongoing. A budget committee has been formed to establish guidelines for the expenses that the LSCA incurs in the ongoing endeavor. AN updated Treasure’s report will be forth coming, a meeting will be called for to review the amended Treasure’s report.
  3. Annual Meeting and Dinner for LSCA –July 21, 2018 – John Belnavis reported the food pricing of $15.00 for chicken and pasta, $25.00 for Prime Rib and the menu will be posted for the members to RSVP. The newsletter will post the information as the meeting will be held at the LSCCC, starting at 6:00 PM. The LSCA bylaws state the committees report to the general membership and a format is established to allow for this to be accomplished. Advertising- Jeremy Jones sent out a press release and updates the LSCA blog and newsletter regularly to keep information current and accurate. Jeremy will post the PowerPoint presentation and adjust the slide presentation to accommodate the committee members’ reports and to include the three guests’ speakers. There will be an allotted time for each to keep the meeting on time and organized. A meeting agenda will be posted. The three guest speakers are; Bill Alexander from VT Bike and Trails, Kara Sliweski, from Solitude Lake Management. She will explain the next 5-year plan. Hilary Solomon, from PMNRCD will discuss the Lakewise Program that provides sustainable gardens to reduce erosion around the Lake’s borders. The nominating committee will report to the membership to announce the new candidates. The meeting is to be kept to an hour. 
  4. Milfoil Management – Jeff Crandall (absent). Report made by Jim Canders in Jeff’s absence. The Herbicide treatment was done on June 18, 2018 was completed. Posting of signs handled by John Belnavis and MaryJo Teetor conducts the water testing. The next 5 year plan is to be discussed when Jeff is present as he is the point person. Suction Harvesting has been underway for 2 weeks for 2018 and has a new qualified diver. Discussion for the monitoring of this program from a cost perspective versus the continual use of an herbicide. And the need for additional advertising of the Suction Harvesting needs to be increased.  A motion was made and second to add another banner to the pontoon boat to increase the awareness of the Suction Harvesting program by the LSCA.  The discussion was tabled for further discussion when Jeff Crandall is present. Boat launch monitoring – John Belnavis – The Fish and Game department approves the program and it is reported that the LSCA program is in place and going well. The State mandates what the Greeters are to be paid; $15.00 and the hours are being kept for payroll.  The new rule, “Plug in- Plug Out” is being enforced as a wrench was purchased and available for use by the Greeters. The coverage at the State boat launch will be increased for the anticipation of increased traffic during the Fourth of July holiday week.  Discussion continued regarding the impact that the Lake Conservation is having on the LSCA efforts to treat the Lake and manage the milfoil. It is a concern for the LSCA that the State of VT is treating the Lake St Catherine Lake as two separate lakes and not just one Lake. There are two different approaches to the management of milfoil and this is impacting the progress of the LSCA management plan. The acquisition for permits and grants will require further research as the LSCA approaches the renewal of the next 5 year plan to treat the Lake. 
  5. Water Quality – MaryJo Teetor- Cyanno Bacteria- Halls Bay had a blossom and it is naturally occurring in stagnate water. It is localized and contained. The VT DEC had a rapid response team remove the blooms. And signs were posted alerting people. It is toxic and being monitored. Algae in Halls Bay in the Northwest corner.  The Lily Pond channel project is allowing for increase boat activity and usage of the Lily Pond. No testing for E-coli has been performed this year. 
  6. Publicity – Jeremy Jones – developed a 3 sided brochure to inform the public of the LSCA efforts to manage the milfoil. It details the Herbicide program, the Suction Harvesting program. A motion was made and second to allow Jeremy the ability to print the brochure and circulate in the community. Jeremy is preparing the slide show presentation for the upcoming membership meeting. It will be posted for review and allow for changes to be made. 
  7. Lake Safety – Frank Callahan (absent) Placement of Markers is not complete at this time. The rock marker needs to be put in place. And the anchor for the marker by the bridge is missing. Nothing was stated regarding the change of rules for the placement of the markers. The boaters’ safety courses are dated for June 28- 29 in Wells and July 2-3 in Poultney. There has been a good response for those wanting to take the classes being offered. 
  8. Nominating Committee – Bob Williams (absent) will need to have applications for the terms that will be opened. 
  9. Membership – Elaine Bagley Report on receipt of dues is ongoing. At present have 268 paid members. Second mailing went out. An updated list of current addresses for property owners is needed. 150-375 facebook members 
  10. Government relations- Martha Pofit – Reported from the State meeting and workshops attended. Made good contacts and collected information to what could be perceived as potential threats to our progress at Lake Saint Catherine. The permit renewal process, local grants and membership being split between the Upper Lake and the Little Lake.  THE LSCA has to maintain our relationships with Poultney and Wells as the maintenance of the surrounding lake roads impact the water quality. The Lakewise program has Lake Scorecards that report how the Lakes in VT are measured regarding the efforts made to maintain the water quality of each Lake. The LSCA needs to understand the data collected and how to correctly interpret the information. The LSCA needs to be proactive in the efforts to increase the awareness and successes of our lake management programs. It is suggested to meet with the local representatives and discuss the concerns and challenges that Lake St. Catherine has as we move forward in our efforts. It was presented to collect data from the board members to accurately report to the State of VT to increase their awareness of the hard work and progress that has been made. A motion was made and second to allow Philip Hicks to interview the members and record his findings to the LSCA. This information will be presented once completed.
  11. Old Business- Boat Parade- Rand Burgner – scheduled for July 1, 2018. Fliers have been distributed, poor response compared to last years. 6 boats have registered, last year 22 participated. Prizes have been collected, there are 4 categories, viewing stations are established and the judges are in place. A press release has gone out, now just need more boats in the parade. Wells Day – Frank (absent) set for July 21, 2018. Conflict as same day as the next board meeting and the General Membership meeting. Set up for Variety Day is between 8:00-9:00 AM. Kemi stated visibility is imperative to circulate the important work the LSCA is doing. It was agreed to have a both, to split the monitoring of the both. Handouts, signs and posting will help get the message out regarding the LSCA. 
  12. Poultney Day – Rob August 11, 2018. Will attend and continue education the public about the LSCA. Insurance and Legal Guidance – Ed Laird (Absent) no report at this time.
  13. Fireworks privately sponsored by Rick Roberts. Still accepting contributions to support this event. Scheduled for Saturday, July 7, at dusk. 
  14. New Business – next meeting scheduled for July 21, 2018 at 8:00 AM held at LSCCC. President Jim Canders called for the meeting adjournment at 11:00 AM. Motion for adjournment was made and second. Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Recording Secretary, Kemi McShane

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