Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees - 08/24/2019

On Saturday, August 24th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their fourth and final meeting of the 2019 season.

The Trustees gave their reports on many topics - Click here to see the full meeting agenda. Meeting minutes compiled by Kemi Mcshane.

August 24th 2019 Meeting of the Lake St. Catherine Board of Trustees
Lake St. Catherine Country Club, 8:30 AM

Meeting called to order by President Jim Canders at 8:30 AM

Present: Ken Abt, Elaine Bagley, Kemi McShane Bostock, Jim Canders, Frank Callahan, Jeffrey Crandall, Jerremy Jones, Martha Pofit, Mary Jo Teetor, Bob Williams, Nancy Liberatore.

Absent- John Belnavis, Rob Goldman, Ed Laird, Phil Pope, Rob Nesbit. 

I. Recording Secretary’s Report- Kemi McShane Bostock Minutes of the July 27, 2019 trustees meeting sent by email. Jeff made Motion made to accept the Minutes as written, second by Elaine. All voted in favor.

II. Treasure’s Report – Elaine Bagley. Updated constantly to date: 81,594.24 in checking and 70, 443.00 in Savings. 2019 appeal generated 20,00.00, 35 new members. Greeters program grant 27,000.00 plus 6,000.00(broken into 2 sections) Greeters and AIS. Discussion on how to keep donations coming in the future and how do we expand the membership. A motion was made to accept the treasure’s report as submitted, second all voted in FAVOR.

III. Report of Annual Meeting 2019- LSCCC likes the LSCA utilizing the facility. The annual dinner meeting was a success. Bob Williams was thanked personally by Jim Canders for the raffle donation.

IV. Milfoil Management- Jeff Crandall. Presentation made by Beck from DASH program to report the outcome of this season’s work. They had a delayed start due to the permit process, reported removed 1,293 buckets of milfoil from LSC. Expressed concern for storm water runoff that increases additional nutrients into the lake and noticed floaters in the early Spring so was anticipating a difficult season but were able to work the areas designated for DASH. The milfoil had reached the surface. Saw lots of matted areas and pondweed. The herbicide treatment was very effective throughout the lake. Referred to the survey done by Solotude to designate the locations for the treatment areas. Two surveys are conducted in the Fall and Spring. The Fall survey evaluates the programs effectiveness in managing the milfoil. The Spring survey helps identify the areas the need treatment. The goal is to manage the milfoil with localized treatment with the herbicide and for DASH to supplement the milfoil management. Discussion followed on how to proceed in our milfoil treatment. Three points were outlined: 1. LSCA needs to follow formal case study to show scientifically based work. 2. LSCA needs to reach out to other lakes that use Solotude and compare results. 3. The Little Lake is a major concern and if applied these interventions how would these improve the Little Lake’s condition. DASH end date was August 15, 2019. The plant becomes brittle and not alive. It starts to mat and DASH was vacuuming the bottom of the Lake. All were concerned that this season was going to be bad but had amazing end results. DASH is hoping to start work next June not in July as its important to treat the milfoil early before the growing cycle begins. 

V. Water Quality- Mary Jo Teetor- 2019 storms made water quality cloudy. Did 5-meter reading. Send samples to State. 9 samples from the Little Lake. No E. coli testing this summer. Lots of new rules from the State. Creating districts. Dealing with storm water projects, culverts, roads. Phosphorus a major concern. Overall water quality good, heavy rains creating problems as increases run off. Discussion to take samples from specific spots and take Spring phosphorus samples to have a base line. Lake Report Cards need to be more consistent. Discussed the meeting with the Commissioner of the DEC, Emily Boedecker, 8/15/19. Major concern is the phosphorous in the Lake. Encouraged the LSCA to contact the legislative representatives and include them in the discussion regarding the health of the whole Lake. 

VI. Publicity- Jerremy Jones- the presentation of the Fall newsletter. East Poultney Day was a successful event. Judy Leach has a morning talk show and would like to interview the LSCA on the radio.

VII. Lake Safety- Frank Callahan- Removal of cones and buoys. Game Warden visually present to monitor lake safety. 

VIII. Nominating Committee- Bob Williams- Contacted people interested in becoming a trustee. Need to reach out to them so can attend a meeting. Kemi McShane Bostock voted in for a two-year position. Nancy Liberatore appointed a 3 year position.

IX. Membership- Elaine Bagley- reported on the results of the fund raising letter. Needs a chair person. 

X. Government relations- Martha Pofit- LSCA & PMNRCD Partnership. Prepare for funding opportunities with the Lake Champlain Basin Authority. Need to develop LSC priority projects and Strategic plan. Late Fall meeting with the State. 

XI. Old Business- Boat Parade- needs committee, Wells Day- still a worthwhile event, East Poultney Day- needs a chairperson.

XII. Lake Wise- Amy

XIII. Election: President – Jim Canders Vice president- Martha Pofit, Treasurer- Elaine Bagley, Secretary- Kemi McShane Bostock, Pass one ballot for all nominations motion made, second and all voted in Favor. Meeting adjourned by Jim Canders at 11:05 motion made and second- all voted in FAVOR.

XIV. Next meeting May 23,2020 @ 8:30 am LSCCC

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