LSCA Partners With Vermont Artist Peter Huntoon For 2018 Fundraiser

The Lake St. Catherine Association is excited to announce a partnership with Vermont Artist Peter Huntoon.

Peter has generously offered to create an orginial painting of Lake St. Catherine to be used as a fundraiser to benefit the LSCA in 2018. 

This past Sunday, we headed out onto the Lake with Peter to scout for scenes. He found something that caught his eye - and we can't wait to see how he again captures the beauty of LSC.

LSC has been the subject of some of his previous paintings: Lake St. Catherine, Ice-Out, and his latest painting, Little Lake:

- "Little Lake" by Peter Huntoon, image from

We are still working out the details of how we will make the original painting available (auction / raffle), but we will have prints available for purchase - with all proceeds benefitting the LSCA. 

Peter, thank your for your support of the LSCA - we know the LSC community is looking forward to seeing your painting!

You can learn more about Peter and his work on his website.

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