A Plaque In Memory Of Martin Greenberg

Hello LSC,

Back in December, we informed you that long-time LSCA trustee Martin Greenberg had passed away. You can read about Martin's 15 years of service to the LSCA by clicking here.

Today, we want to tell you about a new plaque that was just placed on the Welcome To Lake St. Catherine sign. But first, a little bit of history about the sign.

Former LSCA President Phil Alden provided this photo of the original sign being constructed. He notes: "The principal architect of the first sign was Don Willbrandt, ably assisted by the Binghams."

Current LSCA Presidet Jim Canders recalls, "At a time after the sign was installed, a car came down the hill from North Steet and ran it over. At that point Martin became involved."

Matrin worked with a company in Rutland to reproduce the sign and fix the damage to the area and the flowers & plantings.

After Martin's passing, LSCA trustee Rand Burgner suggested that we should place a plaque at the sign, in memory of Martin. The board unanimously agreed - and Rand and Jim started researching.

They eventually contacted Sheldon Slate in Middle Granville. The owner, Peter Tatko, was extremely generous - as he donated the plaque to the LSCA. Thank you Peter!

Last Saturday, Jim and John Belnavis placed the plaque on the sign, and we took some photos:

Jim described Martin as, "...a man for all seasons, and the best time of all for him was spending the entire summer at Lake St. Catherine with his wife Ellen at their cottage on Bert’s Nest. We thank Martin for his love of the Lake and his 15 years of service to the LSCA."

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