2018 Greeter Program Starting Up Memorial Day Weekend

As folks start launching their watercraft this season, they will be welcomed at LSC & State of Vermont boat launch by "Greeters". 

These well trained individuals inspect incoming and outgoing watercraft looking for invasive species of plant and animal life. Through their efforts, we can closely monitor and prevent such species as Eurasian Water Milfoil, Alewife and Water Chestnuts carried on visiting boats, from invading Lake St. Catherine.

On duty from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on designated days beginning Memorial Day and continuing through Labor Day, the greeters interact with boat owners providing information about our lake and and the need for boaters to adhere to the rules and regulations governing use of the lake.

There are some new rules this year regarding invasive species. You can read about these and the Greeter Program in the Vermont Public Access Greeter Program Manual (PDF). The new regulations are listed in Appendix A on page 26 and 27.

Greeters are provided by the LSCA as trained and paid personnel to inspect boats entering the lake.

You can read more about the LSC boat launch here.

Are you a member yet? Maintaining the lake costs approximately $100,000 annually. Grants, membership dues and contributions make up the majority of our funding. If you'd like to help, please consider becoming a member or making a donation. The LSCA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and any contribution that you make is tax deductible.

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