Lake Safety

The Lake St. Catherine Association is very concerned with the safety of all the people that use our lake. We try to make all people aware of the rules from the State of Vermont. We place buoys to show where the wake of the boat may cause damage to the shore, boats and/or swimmers. The areas are designated by the State of Vermont:

  1. Lily Pond to North Bay
  2. Stonehenge shoreline
  3. North Bay to the Big Lake
  4. Oxbow Bay
  5. Oxbow Bay
  6. Horseshoe Bay
  7. Horseshoe Bay
  8. Forest House Bay
  9. Forest House Bay
  10. Halls Bay
  11. Into The Channel
  12. The Channel before the bridge
  13. The Channel
  14. The Channel
  15. Into The Little Lake
  16. The Little Lake to Lake's End
  17. The shore within 200 feet out all along the entire lake


In addition to these "No Wake" buoys we also place traffic cones on areas where an underwater obstruction may damage props or hulls in shallow water. For example, The "Rock" buoy in the South West Central area, is there to warn off boaters.

A special thank you to all of the volunteers who give of their time in placing the buoys and markers to assure safe boating for all.

We also offer a FREE safe boating course to help boaters satisfy the requirements by the state of Vermont. All boaters born after Jan 1 1974, must be certified to operate a power boat in Vermont waters. The certificate is good in all 50 states as it is under the auspices of the United States Coast Guard.

There will be two classes of two evenings each, near Independence Day. One will be in Poultney at the Volunteer Fire Dept. building, the other at the Wells Village School building. When dates are finalized, they will be added here as well as signs placed around both towns.

- Frank Callahan for the LSCA Lake Safety Committee