Boat Launch Monitoring - Greeter Program

Just before our first herbicide treatment in 2004, the LSCA established, in conjunction with the the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Water Quality Department, a Boat Launch Monitoring Program. Using guidelines received from the WQD, the program was created to inspect boats coming into the lake for invasive species of plants and fish.

At that time, Eurasian Water Milfoil was the major invader. Fishermen and recreational boaters could transport milfoil from other lakes on their boat or trailer. Our boat launch monitors would provide educational literature and point out that the transporting of milfoil was a violation of the law. They also instructed boaters to clean their traliers and boat props before entering lakes.

In 2004, the LSCA applied the herbicide Sonar to the lake. By the next spring, there was virtually no milfoil to be found in the lake except for a few plants the northeast corner of Little Lake and section in the Lily Pond. This was due to a heavy rain storm in August of 2004 that deposited 5" of rain and diluted the concentration of the herbicide. Although the contractor boosted the concentration, a few plants survived.

The establishment of our Boat Launch Monitoring Program became increasingly important in the 2005 season when we had little to no milfoil. As the next couple of years passed, we had some milfoil return which was hand pulled, but by far, the boat launch monitoring and the education of the public about the harmful nature of milfoil was paying off. Boaters came from all over to use the lake because, in their words, "you have no weeds". They could swim, water ski, tube and fish with little interference from the invasive milfoil plants.

Lake St. Catherine Boat Launch

To be a Boat Launch Monitor, a person is required to attend a class conducted by the DEC to learn how to identify various types of invasive species of plants and fish, as well as Zebra Mussles, Asian Clams, Alewives and many others. 

Our boat launch is monitored by our Greeters each weekend from Friday noon until Sunday evening, including holidays, from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Lake St. Catherine Boat Launch

If you have an interest in becoming a Greeter, we would be interested in speaking with you. Please contact us at [email protected].

Please always take a moment to read all posted notices at the boat launch before entering the lake:

Lake St. Catherine Boat Launch - Posted Notices

Lake St. Catherine Boat Launch - Posted Notices

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