Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees - 6/24/17

On Saturday, June 24th, the Lake St. Catherine Association held their second meeting of the 2017 season.

The Trustees gave their reports on many topics - Click here to see the full meeting agenda. Meeting minutes compiled by Jerremy Jones and LSCA President Jim Canders.

June 24th 2017 Meeting of the Lake St. Catherine Board of Trustees
Lake St. Catherine Country Club, 8:30 AM

Present: Jim Canders, Jeff Crandall, Mary Jo Teetor, Bob Williams, Frank Callahan, Phil Pope, Rand Burgner, Jerremy Jones, John Belnavis, Bill McLaughlin, Elaine Bagley
Absent: Rob Goldman, Ed Laird, Ken Abt, Rob Nesbit

Lila Burgner reported on her efforts for the 5th Annual Boat Parade. She's collected 8 prizes that were donated by local businesses, and received ice cream certificates for all child participants. She's put up fliers around the lake, and was interviewed for an article that appeared in the Granville Sentinel last Thursday. Boat registrations are down from this time last year, with 7 confirmed - hoping for more signups this week.

Eliane Bagley handed out her Treasurers Report. Membership checks and online dues are still coming in. A suggestion was made that the board should have an audit conducted on the books for 2016. After a brief discussion, it was decided to look into what a non profit may need for an audit or financial review. Elaine also reported that we had received a $24,175.20 check from the State towards our Grant.

John Belnavis discussed the possible menu for the Annual Member Meeting on July 22nd at the LSC Country Club [more info on this soon]. A $15 option for salmon, chicken francaise, pasta and salad. A suggestion was made that we also offer another option for a higher price. For example, $25 for prime rib. John will check in with the CC chef for options. The board voted to provide a $250 facility fee to the CC for use of the dining room for our monthly meetings - including the membership dinner and tips for the waitstaff. Once the menu is finalized, we will start promoting via flyers, the LSCA website, Facebook and Jerremy will make contact with the local papers.

The board also discussed keeping the Trustee portion brief and focused. A projector will be set up to show photos and slides as each Trustee presents. A suggestion was made to bring in a speaker. The suction harvesting team Owen and Beck will speak about the work they are doing to control the milfoil around the lake this season.

Jeff Crandall detailed the milfoil treatment that took place on June 14th. The treatment went well, and followup water tests are underway. 42 acres were treated with the herbicide Renovate. Jim mentioned that lake water should be safe for drinking and preparing foods within the next few weeks. Suction harvesting is underway around the lake. A suggestion was made that the LSCA should create a history of the milfoil treatment in LSC to inform the lake community of the board's efforts to control it.

Rand Burgner gave a report on the boat launch. The 3 greeters are doing an excellent job and have processed 399 boats so far this season. The greeters will be staffing the boat launch Friday - Tuesday over the 4th of July weekend.

Mary Jo Teetor reported finding no issues with the weekly water tests. She mentioned adding the DEC Lake Score Card to the Water Quality page on the LSCA site. There is also a 'Septic Social' scheduled for July 19th in Wells [more details to come]. At a Septic Social, "homeowners learn about the options for a well functioning septic system and the good maintenance practices". Awaiting approval of Lily Pond channel permit. Funding for this potential project was discussed, funding from property owners?

Jerremy Jones discussed updates to the LSCA website and presented a website usage report. The blog is being updated with all the latest LCSA news, as is the LSCA Facebook page. A new business level membership was discussed. The idea discussed would have local businesses receiving a listing in the Sponsors section of the new LSCA site and an option to have their events and special occasions listed on our web Calendar. It was suggested that a committee be formed to decide how to implement it for the 2018 season. Rand and Elaine volunteered to work with Jerremy on this idea.

It was decided that the board would like a printed newsletter to be hand delivered around the lake and to local businesses to be available before Labor Day. Jerremy will call the company that printed the last newsletter to determine how many copies were printed and the cost.

Jerremy also mentioned that he will work to get all LSCA news and events into the local papers and requested that Trustees provide a photo for their listing on the Trustees page on the new website.

Frank Callahan talked about the 2 upcoming Boating Safety courses. Registrations are low - and at least 10 are needed per class. The courses were listed in the Thursday edition of the Granville Sentinel. Frank also discussed 'the rock' buoy washing up on shore, and that one of the cones at the sunken island had come loose. This appears to be from people tying their boats, damaging the line to the anchor. It will need to be repaired.

Bob Williams reports that there will be 3 openings on the board and the Trustees are actively recruiting to find interested lake community members.

Next, membership was discussed. Rob Goldman sent out a new mailing last week in an effort to reach out to those that have not sent in their dues for 2017.

Phil Pope informed the board that the State is very behind on their grant paperwork. He has been in touch with his contact weekly, but he is still waiting for the paperwork that will enable the filing of the Grant-in-Kind Report.

Finally, the board discussed participating in both Wells Variety Day and East Poultney Day, and Jim mentioned the upcoming fireworks by Rick Roberts and Jack Williams.

The next meeting of the LSCA Board Of Trustees will take place on July 22nd at 8:30 AM at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club.

Our Annual Membership meeting will be taking place the evening of July 22nd at 6 PM at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club. More details will be posted soon.

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